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Coach Quit was designed and created originally for the use of the creator of the system, Don Muller. He had smoked cigarettes from 1972 to 1992. He smoked a pack a day. As it turned out he got married, and his wife did not like his smoking. But what was worse, she was about to have a baby. Don recalled how horrible his life was at a young age. His parents, especially his mother used to sit around the house smoking cigarettes, while he and his brother Chuck played under the continuous clouds of smoke that wafted aimlessly through the house. They even played with the smoke!

He remembered also meeting Mark Laracuente in the 80’s. He was a 16 year old bowling phenom from Houston at the time, who also suffered horribly with asthma. This asthma was said to be caused by his parents smoking around the house when he was young. The grueling life of a PBA bowler (he once counted him rolling 27 strikes in practice!) was probably too much for the talented “MR. Smurf” as he still likes to be called. So he took a job as a Microsoft Network Installations Specialist instead of following his dreams.

So, on some fateful day in 1992 Don Muller made a decision to quit smoking cigarettes for good. In those days, there was little quit smoking help available. There were all sorts of filters available, and gadgets that put holes in your cigarettes, or timed you, and told you when you could smoke. The most well known was  the “Cold Turkey” method. Don had tried this a couple of times, and it never helped him much. The Cold Turkey method actually made him feel like a loser, and that he was destined to smoke his whole life with no relief.

So since searching for a solution did not help, he decided to create his own way to quit. Why not?  The worst that could happen is he could “tie” the non results of every other system he tried do far. So, he decided to give it a try. That is to create a way he could quit. He decided that since he was the creator of this new system, he could make it any way he wanted. So he thought about making it easy, so he thought at first about the most basic ideas, and they were.

Should it be hard or easy?

Should there be any major time constraints?

Should it use the “Cold Turkey” method?

Should a user be able to smoke any time he wanted?

Should there be any “pressure”?

Should there be a final “QUIT DAY” to worry about?

Well, needless to say these questions were very easy to answer. This gave a direction to this system that few others offer. And this start lead to a very easy to do, understandable way to quit that most people can do.

Right now it is in the development stage as a smart phone application. The iphone is the first app that this quit smoking system has been created on, but he has plans to open the access to this system, by creating a set of quit smoking videos. So, if you have a twitter.com account sign-up and we will keep you posted on the development of these videos and when they should be ready.

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