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Trojan Horse Virus Strategy Stops Cancer in Mice


UK Cancer Researchers Completely Eliminate Prostate Cancer in Mice Using Trojan Horse Virus Strategy

In a story by James Gallagher of the BBC News on Dec 20, 2012:

Usually viruses get lots of attention when tons of them are introduced into a mammal. To avoid this problem a very clever cloaking system was created. It was to hide the viruses inside the immune system, as though using a Trojan Horse to hide the enemy. There were 40 mice that had prostate cancer and received the influx of tens of thousands of viruses.

Prof Claire Lewis of the University of Sheffield told the BBC reporter that there is (normally) a problem getting viruses into a tumor. apparently this has been overcome.

White blood cells are what will race in when damage to cells is detected. The study laced these white blood cells with viruses, and once they had reached the damaged areas, the viruses were able to multiply and inject 10,000 or more viruses per white blood cell to the cancer cell. The seeded white blood cell avoids attack in the same way that the virus that causes AIDS does. This allows for the positive results.

So 2 days after the mice received a dose of chemotherapy, the viruses were introduced, Within 12 hours, the viruses had multiplied to about 10,000 viruses which went on to kill the cancerous cells.

At the end of the 40 day study all the mice given the Trojan Virus treatment were alive and free of cancer. all the other mice that were given other drugs or placebos died.

The researchers praised the results, but said human research would need to be done as well.

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