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Here a Democrat is Pushing for Cigarette Taxes – House Democrat pushes $1.60 cigarette tax hike – Brainerd, Minnesota – 28

“He didn’t have money for cigarettes, but he always had cigarettes. An increase like this, at that time probably would have meant another $2,000 a year out of our household income.”.


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Governor (R) Ryan of Illinois and his Taxing Story. Oh Yeah, Republicans can Tax Cigarettes with the Best of Them!

Cigarette Prices Rise – 23 WIFR Rockford – The Next Generation of News 28

Ryan signed into law a $0.40 tax hike on cigarettes to help ease the state budget crisis. The law increases the tax to $0.98 a pack. But, the increase does not apply to cigarette stock already in stores Monday.


And Check This Out, “Smoking Can Be Bad For…Getting Hired”! 27

They all reject new job applicants who use cigars, cigarettes or other tobacco products. Along with smoke-free air policies, cigarette taxes, and graphic warning labels, pre-employment nicotine screenings are yet another arrow in the public health quiver of efforts aimed at getting people not to smoke.

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