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Coach Quit Smoking News: Tobacco News


Coach Quit Smoking News: Tobacco News

Unlikely Allies Join Forces Over Obamacare: Big Tobacco and Anti Smoking Groups Smoking Tax (We can’t make this up folks).

Obamacare Miracle: Big Tobacco and Anti-Smoking Groups United


Big Tobacco and the anti-smoking lobby are now unlikely allies against a common enemy: Obamacare. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can hit smokers with significantly higher premiums. Here’s the



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Should States or Communities Decide Smoking Laws?

Let communities decide on smoking laws, instead of state


Wyoming’s two biggest cities, Cheyenne and Casper, share many similarities, but each has responded differently to the efforts of anti-smoking groups. Kerry Drake. Cheyenne, which passed a comprehensive smoking ban in



Hey, Are Anti Smoking Groups Fighting a Lost Battle?

Anti-Smoking Groups Shooting Themselves In the Foot? White Smoke


These groups are shooting themselves in the foot, fighting against a tide that can lead to a healthier, tobacco-free world, and it just doesn’t make sense.



Are E Cigs Beneficial or NOT?

The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary


Anti-smoking groups and advocates continue to argue that there is no evidence that electronic cigarettes can be helpful in smoking cessation, but according to a new study published in the journal Addiction, there are at least



Should the French Ban Smoking in the Car with Kids? Should We?

French law bid to ban parents smoking in car with children – The


A LAW has been proposed that would ban parents from smoking in their cars when children are present. Anti-smoking groups are keen to see the issue of passive smoking in cars debated in parliament, after successfully



Should Smokers be Hired or Not?

Experts Debate Ethics of Refusing to Hire Smokers | The Partnership


One group argues not hiring smokers sends a strong message to employees and the community that smoking is harmful, while the other group calls the practice unethical. Both groups of experts, based at the University of

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