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Dear Old Mom Has Passed Away


Cigarette Smoking has Finally Taken Mom

I can remember way back, it was the very early 60’s. My mom and dad had a great life with friends. They would occasionally socially drink, go out with friends and smoke cigarettes like chimneys. Smoking seemed like an odd thing to do. I really did not get it. Breathe in smoke, breathe it out. So, what is the big deal?

A kid just cannot fathom what is really going on here, and apparently the grownups either. It was just a gay old time. Cigarette use was plastered all over ever new movie that came out, and on all the commercials it seemed. it was an accepted thing to do. Now, it almost seems like mass hysteria. That is until you realize that cigarettes contained extremely addicting substances. When you are a non addict, then get addicted to something, you think it is because you like it. You think maybe you love it, and can’t live without it. You can’t imagine not smoking.

That is what addiction sounds like though. But, for people who are otherwise non addicts, it doesn’t seem like you are addicted to smoking. You realize that you simply can’t wait to smoke another cigarette. That is how you see it. That is because well everyone is doing it, and why analyze it?

I remember, back when my parents started smoking. Dad was in the Marine Corps, and mom had 2 kids. She was a bit of a kid herself really. It was 1962. I was 7, my brother Chuck was 6 and my mom was in her 20’s. She did a lot of things I liked. She made amazing peanut butter cookies, and oatmeal cookies for Chuck and me. Chuck was an amazing brother for me. He and I were only 11 months apart and we were truly inseparable. Chuck and I explored every part of our world, which I will elaborate on later.

Dad also did amazing things. He would find roadside farmers selling cantaloupes and watermelons that were simply irresistible. My dad also, could go to junk yards and find parts to fix his cars. At first, i thought it was sorta “ghetto” to use a phrase from today. But, once we got to the junkyard, we had a ball! There was all kinds of stuff there. And we always found what we needed to fix the car, or anything else around the house.

He also started a small business, and sold soap! It was called Amway, and I was at first a little embarrassed to go with him out to restaurants and other places because he would strike up conversations with anybody. He was fearless. I think it rubbed off on Chuck and I. As it was, if Chuck and I got into a fight with someone, or caught a snake, or went out adventuring on our own, we would never be punished. It almost seemed like he was proud we were so adventurous. Maybe, he saw us as becoming a warrior like him.

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