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Here are some great quit smoking articles from news sources on the net. Want to know what is happening in the quit smoking world?

Check the CDC’s New Anti Smoking Campaign:

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Using Ex-Smokers to Spur Others to Quit –


A government campaign featuring real people ravaged by smoking was so successful, officials say, that they are launching a second round. Read more…



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Quit smoking and your heart thanks you:

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Quit smoking: Your heart will thank you – The Chart – Blogs


Cigarette smoking increases your heart rate, narrows the walls of your blood vessels and reduces the amount of oxygen being delivered to your system, among other things. That’s why smoking is considered a major risk factor


How about Justin Timberlake trying to quit smoking:

Justin Timberlake Trying to Quit Smoking


JUSTIN Timberlake wants to quit smoking — and has turned to Ben Affleck for advice! The sexy star promised his wife Jessica Biel he’d end his dangerous.


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What a smokers child Really wants for Christmas:

All children really want this Christmas is their parents to quit smoking



Over half (54%) of children with a parent who smokes say that their one wish for Christmas is that their mum or dad give up smoking; Almost all (98%) children with a smoking parent wish that they would quit; Almost three

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