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Practice Quit Smoking by Coach Quit part 2


Can a Smoker Practice Quit Smoking?

It seems a bit of a mystery who no one I have ever talked to or heard speaking about quitting smoking EVER used the terms “practice quit smoking”. If you have heard this, please leave a comment below as I would like to definitely look into it. To my way of thinking, if people are not thinking about practicing quitting smoking, …what ARE they thinking about when they try to quit?

Have YOU Ever Tried to Quit Smoking?

Did you ever try to quit smoking? Did you ever think you could practice quit smoking? the Coach Quit System is all about practicing to quit smoking. We blatantly ask the work of smoking, of smokers and of all the experts why this concept is NOT part of quit smoking lore? It is nonexistent in the the general English vocabulary. Why?


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Coach Quit wants you to practice quitting first!

In no uncertain terms, you either need some sort of “magical quit smoking cure”., or you need to simply practice quitting smoking. Now some people will say they know so and so who quit without practicing. I know this. But, I counter with this. Why do SO FEW PEOPLE WHO TRY TO QUIT SMOKING …actually quit ? The statistics are that in any given year, at one time or another about 70% of people attempt to quit smoking cigarettes. Yet a paltry 3% to 6% actually do. I do not think the reason for this lies deep down in their subconscious. I don’t think for most people it has to do with how they were brought up. To me a better reason is they simply do not practice quitting first. Many people rely on cold turkey in a do or die way for instance. Other than that as a way to quit smoking, most people only have medical drugs. Of course there is hypnotherapy as a way to quit smoking, and it too may work for some people. But wouldn’t you need to dig deep to figure out how it actually works? And what would a person do if they started smoking again?

I prefer to practice saying no to cigarettes!

I prefer saying no to cigarettes. The Coach Quit system is based on saying no to cigarettes and lowering the nicotine levels in the blood as a consequence. In this way we kill two birds with one stone. This system is approximately 30 days, but a person can shorten it a little, or lengthen it. The reason is that there are no real time limits. There are nicotine limits. Once you reach a certain nicotine intake level, then you start the end process of quitting. Not before! To get to that nicotine level, it must be done slowly over time. In addition you practice saying no in many ways over time. This builds your mental immunity and ability to say no to cigarettes! Could there be an easier way to quit smoking? You can smoke every day and every cigarette you want. As time passes you simply lose nicotine levels and gain in the ability to say no to cigarette smoking. In the end you end up very strong! You are very good at saying no, and with the lowered nicotine levels helping you all along the way.  Practice Quit Smoking Part 1

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