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Lung Cancer Takes Another Victim, My Step Dad Ray B part 2


Rays Cigarette Smoking Habit

Rays dad did not smoke cigarettes, he preferred a pipe. Tom was a master craftsman and could build any sort of building. Ray learned these building skills which got him employed on the Galveston wharves. Ray smoked 3 to 4 packs of cigarettes a day for many years. I remember wondering how he could ever avoid getting cancer.

Quit Smoking

At that time, which was the 70’s people knew there was a correlation between smoking and lung cancer. They did not know what the actual chance of getting cancer was. So many people tried to have their cake and eat it too. They wanted to smoke for as long as they could, then quit abruptly and cheat fate. So this is another way to say that people want to gamble on their health. I often wondered about that.

Suppose people found out that of they smoke cigarettes for 20 years they have a 50% chance of getting cancer within the next 30 years. How many people would take that bet? If you are a smoker, would you take that bet? Would you like to smoke freely for 20 years, then have a 50% chance of cancer? Is that a fair deal?

Ok put that one on hold for a minute.

Would you work for 20 years if you had a 50% chance of randomly doubling your money? sure you would, there is nothing to lose. But what if there were? Suppose that you had the 50% chance of doubling the income you made in that 20 years, but  that came with a 50% chance of losing everything you had worked for? You could lose it anytime during the next 20 years.

How many people would take that bet? Not many, because suddenly betting real money today makes it all seem different doesn’t it?

But betting future health, well that is somehow an easy thing to do. Most people who smoke never really look into the statistics of getting cancer or lung disease in general. Nor are the very aware that there are many cancers that can develop in other areas of the body but are a direct result of smoking. Many people just do not think about it in such a way. This allows them to smoke now and hope to be one of the lucky ones, who don’t get cancer.

If you live long enough as I have, and paid attention to smokers and what happens to them, you may see some patterns. Smokers do get cancer way more often than non smokers. By age 60 and beyond they have far more breathing problems, and cancer issues. Now keep in mind we here at the Coach Quit site never try to talk people into quitting, or talk them out of smoking in any way. we know this will not work. What does work is for a person to find a reason to quit.

Find a Reason to Quit Smoking

This is no small task. You see, quitting smoking has been made much easier by the Coach Quit Method. But, you still need motivation. Believe it or not, people do not really motivate other people. Oh, they can give short term incentives, but this does not lead to the long term quitting point of view a person needs to believe in. The only person that can motivate you is YOU! So it is a decision to quit, where you know what the benefits are.

In my case, I truly did not want to burden my child with asthma (yes this is getting to be an epidemic in America these days.) While it is true that I had tried to quit before many times, and felt like a loser that could never quit. I just could not give up on my daughter. So I found a reason to quit that I did not doubt. Then I applied the ideas and concepts of the Coach Quit method, and in 2 weeks knew for a fact that I would quit smoking. Yes, I created a system and used it, and it worked the first time.

If and when you are ever ready to give it a try, just pick up a copy of the Coach Quit DVD. It is on sale now. Give it a try when you are ready though. Below are the details.


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