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Best Reasons to Quit Smoking

In School it doesn’t take long to hear that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. There are actually several and very distinct processes that go on within a smokers body that they most times are not aware of. One thing that happens every puff of a cigarette is that there is total and long lasting lung cell death. The lungs do not regenerate as do most other cells of the body.

The immune system is comprimised. That means that the immune system is damaged, and no longer operates as it should. This allows chronic diseases to begin to set in such as bronchitis, pneumonia and then finally COPD. Which is short for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This is not something you want to ever get.

The third thing that begins to happen is that cancer causers tend to build up in the pulmonary tissue and the body. It is very hard for the body to eliminate these, so most of them are carried around for your lifetime. The chemicals are redistributed in some cases all over the body. Thesecancerous chemicals are known to have the ability to break the DNA strands within cells. This causes mutations, and at time cancer. Many people are astonished that they quit smoking 20 years earlier and yet still get cancer at a later date. The only answer is to never smoke and if you do, find a way to stop immediately.

Let’s take a look at a list that is a bit more in depth to see what is going on with smokers and illness.

1. Health – There are cancer causers that can at any time give you cancer. The smoke itself causes irreversible lung damage. The body’s immune system is comprimised more and more every day. Finally leading to poor health. Additionally, smoking is related to heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis and other health problems.

2. Smell -When you smoke cigarettes one of the first things to go is the sense of smell. That means you do not realize how badly you reek of smoking. This often times turns the opposite sex off totally. It is also not so helpful for business either. But, few people will step up and tell you how you are offending them. They will just avoid you.

3. Premature aging is a known problem with smoking. If health effects are not enough to scare off a smoker, then maybe the fact you will look 10 or 20 years older will! Maybe the anti smoking commercials should focus on wrinkles, and premature aging as the “benefit” from smoking to look forward to.

4. The days are gone when cigarettes are cool. Well, with the exception of high schoolers. But, one of the big reasons they smoke is that their parents often smoke. They have lived in a smokers envirenment for so long, with no one worried about the negative effects that they are now impervious to the consequences.

5. Money is a big reason people should consider quitting. Cigarettes in todays market are costing $6 or more a pack. Yet, the powerful need for nicotine overpowers the normal logic that would kick in and stop this behaviour. A person can easily spend $2k or more a year on smoking, to the detriment to the family.

6. Sense of taste and smell are both damaged. That means you will no longer experience the fine taste of foods that you once did. Over time this is a big loss, but often one that goes without notice.

7. Yellow Teeth is often a common occurrence. A person would need to have their teeth cleaned regularly to avoid this. In addition smoking contributes to bad breathe and gingivitis, which can cause tooth loss.

8. Stamina is also affected by smoking. It has been said that unless you are an athlete or runner, swimmer type…you would not even notice loss of lung function until it was a 50% loss. That is because most people are not that active to notice how effective their lungs are operating. This is a loss that you will never get back, because lung tissue does not regenerate. Take care of your lungs!

In addition to these reasons, many companies do not like to hire smokers. That is because they are less healthy and miss work more often. In addition they cost the health plan more because they are going to the doctor very often.