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Hearty Companion · Happy Harvest · New Journey
——A successful end of joint annual party of Year 2013 of Headquarter of Baili Group, Wang Si Ying Project Company and Landscape Company
2013-2-3 0:00:00   From: HR and Administration Centre of Baili Group
When snow melts and ice vanishes, happy atmosphere of getting together made staffs felt the smell of spring. Joint annual party of year 2013 of Headquarter of Baili Group, Wang Si Ying Project Company and Landscape Company was held jolly in Beijing. Group leaders and staffs all gathered together happily to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Mr. Zhang, President of Baili Group, delivered remarks and New Year wishes on behalf of Mr. Tan, Chairman of the board. Mr. Gao, General Manager of Wang Si Ying Project Company, reviewed the achievement of Year 2012 and strategic plan of Year 2013. With Mr. Gao’s passionate wine toast, all staffs raised their wine glasses for joy of harvest, hope of dreams and the lovely family of Baili.

The show of the annual party was wonderful. The time travel version A Half & Three Sentences, traditional Chinese talk shows, marked the beginning of annual party shows, and then followed by drag performers’ dance, duo dance and chorus; all these brought a visional and acoustic feast to audiences. These excellent entertaining programs won great applause and cheers from audiences. The photographer was busy in making photos with flashes, in case he missed any wonderful moment. At last, the exciting prize draw made the party spirits ran to the highest point.

This visional and acoustic feast not only shows the style of Baili people but also shows the group’s care to every employee. It makes all staffs understand that Baili is a home warm to every staff, a home for staffs to stick together, and no one is alone on the way fighting for the same goal. 

The year of 2013 is a new starting point for Baili group which will develop at an even higher speed. We look forward for a more successful Baili.