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New Signals of Year 2013: Focusing on People’s well-being, Emphasizing on Elderly Caring
——Leaders of Chao Yang District Committee and District Government inspected the project of Second Social Welfare Centre of Chao Yang District, Beijing
2013-3-6 15:25:00   From: Project Company of Beijing Welfare Centre
18 Feb 2013 – Just after the snake spring festival, ten more leaders including the Party Secretary of Chao Yang District Committee Mr. Cheng Lian Yun, and the deputy district head of Chao Yang Mr. Zhang Li Xin who is in charge of district civil affairs and elderly caring inspected the project of Second Social Welfare Centre with the accompany of the leading team of District Civil Affairs Bureau. Mr. Zhou, Vice President of Baili Group, and Mr. Si, General Manager of the project, accompanied the inspection.nd ready to launch! 

Secretary Cheng Lian Yun listened carefully to Deputy District Head Zhang Li Xin and project manager of Civil Affairs Bureau on the introduction of the project. Secretary Cheng also examined the project drafts carefully and raised questions frequently. He especially concerned about the complex of the construction and insufficient project financing. He encouraged us to overcome difficulties to build the Second Social Welfare Centre of Chao Yang District as the model project and finest project of fastening the development of elderly caring service of Chao Yang district. 

The inspection shows district leader’s seriousness on this‘Zhezi project’.